Charitable Donations

Cancer SuPPort accepts donations for its scientific research
through the Charity Cancer P Prevent

Eliminating the Causes of Cancer
"Disease is not conquered by treatment, but by prevention"
John Cairns, Professor of Public Health, Harvard University.

Cancer P (Primary) Prevent is a research body that forms part of the Imperial College Trust, the registered charity of Imperial College London, no 2730710.

Research carried out by Cancer P Prevent is focussed on understanding the causes of cancer relating to diet, lifestyle and the environment. Being part of the University there is a minimum administrative structure that ensures that funding goes directly to state-of-the-art science.

A Different Way of Approaching Cancer by:
  • Primary prevention rather than surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and drugs.
  • Meta analysis and risk assessment not animal experiments to identify dietary and lifestyle factors, pollution and harmful chemicals and other cancer causing environmental agents.
  • Developing strategies to reduce, and where possible eliminate exposure to environmental carcinogens.
  • Communicating the facts in an accessible, available form to help prevent, treat and overcome cancer.


The main sponsor of this research is presently Breast Sense. Breast Sense is about Breast Awareness, being able to understand and identify changes in our breasts early to give greater treatment options and chances of recovery. The ultimate aim however must be to understand and eliminate the causes of those changes. Jane Plant has been happy to endorse the Breast Sense video and special glove for breast self examination. These are available at Lloyds Pharmacies nationwide.

Breast Sense is proud to support the work of Cancer P Prevent by donating 50p from every Breast Sense pack sold to our charity at the Imperial College Trust.


If you are interested in supporting research by Cancer P Prevent by making a donation, however small please contact Sandie Bernor - [email protected], or send a cheque to her at the Centre of Environmental Policy, Imperial College London SW7 2AZ

"(existing) UK charities work in close association with the "cancer industry". Primary prevention is not their objective."
Breast Cancer: an environmental disease 2005.

Scientific Director:
  • Professor Jane Plant, Professor of Environmental Geochemistry, Imperial College, London
  • Administration:
  • Diana Paterson-Fox, Bursar
  • Sandie Bernor, Finance Officer
  • Science Board:
  • Professor Mustafa Djamgoz, Professor of Cancer Biology, Imperial College
  • Mr Martin Stanley
  • Dr Nick Voulvoulis, Head of Research into Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, Imperial College
  • For information about Imperial College London, visit